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Oil Filter Magnet

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Fits oil filter canisters from 3" to 3.950" even larger when expanded with additional links, available at extra cost. (see other listing)
Super Power Oil Filter Magnet

A superior upgrade complementing the performance of your vehicle.
Proven technology from the aerospace, maritime & motorsports industries is now available to you.
Power Oil Filter Magnet converts a standard oil filter into a super dual Stage Filtration system thru the use of Super Magnets.

Benefits of Power Oil Filter Magnet:

1. Prolongs engine life
2. Delays expensive engine overhauls
3. Maintain cleaner oil
4. Effectively removes more contaminants than the oil filter is capable of.
5. Removes unwanted metal particles from the engine and leaves oil metal free
6. Reusable and transferable to any filter from 3" to 3.950"
7. Security for the engine you can count on
8. Easy to install, no special tools required
9. Expandable over 4". Purchase two and add extra links to enlarge fitment size or purchase the number of extra links you require.

How does Power Oil Filter Magnet (Magnetic Oil Filter) work?
1. Contaminated oil enters the oil filter
2. Power Oil Filter Magnet separates the ferrous particles from oil and attracts it on the filter canister
3. The ferrous free oil then passes through the standard filter elements
4. Power Oil Filter Magnet keeps the ferrous particles trapped until it is thrown away during filter change.

Full explanation of how Magnet Filters work

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