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All my Parts are Here

This page shows all our products, grouped onto the one page. If you are looking for specific product groups, you can use the menu on the left, find it below or use the search engine to locate your part. eg. If you own a HQ holden, then just type HQ. Almost all the the parts we carry will come up in the search, that pertain to your model, except for general common items such as sealants & oils etc.
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We use a fair bit of sealants, lubes of various types and other products in our workshop. Everything we have here, we use. We got sick of buying one here and one there, so we now buy most of them in box lots. This not only gives us a supply of products for our own use but we also get them cheaper so we are able to offer you a reasonable price for these products.
We DO NOT post lubricant. Non postable items are clearly marked.
Nuts/Bolts/Screws Image
This is the greatest product since sliced bread for an auto restorer. All those rusty bits that make the car unsightly can more than likely become rustfree with the use of these great products. Check out the Rusted Solutions website for loads of information on how to use the product.
Steering / Suspension & Driveline Image