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Quality Assurance

We don't sell junk, even from our Holden Wrecking yard.
Simple enough statement. All the new parts we sell are from recognised manufacturers and are of high quality many of which we use and fit ourselves in our workshop. Some parts may be removed from their original packaging so they can be inspected for quality and conformance to specifications. They may be repackaged so they will be cheaper to post.
If we come across any faulty items during our inspections, depending on frequency of find, we may withdraw this item and look for another manufacturer/supplier.
Rest assured, we have not had any problems to date from anyone claiming to have received a bad part.
You won't get this sort of quality control from the big guys.
Parts from the wrecking yard.(for our local customers)
We try to ensure that most parts are tested before we remove them. If we can't test a part, then it is not sold or it is dismantled further to sell the sub-assemblies. If we know the part is sub-standard,(example would be a very rare part) you will be told so you can make an informed decision before purchase. We generally will give you 30-90 days warranty on most used parts we remove.