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All Postage and Handling costs are based on weight and not size and will be sent to you in a registered sachel or box of the appropriate size/weight. You may choose which service you wish to use depending on the delivery time you require and the money you want to spend.
Please allow 1-2 business days to process your order for shipment. 'Pick-up Only' orders that you want posted will take a few days longer to pack & send and for us to receive the extra payment for this service.

Express Sachels to 3Kg (1-2 days)
The weight limit for Express sachels is 3Kg. If your order exceeds 3Kg you will need to choose another postage method.

Standard Sachels to 3Kg or Box to 12 Kg (5-10 work days)
The weight limit on standard sachels is 3Kg, after this a box is used up to 12Kg. Any order over 12Kg will not be charged postage during checkout. We will send you a Paypal invoice after checkout for the postage to you by the most economical means.

I will Pick-up
On the other hand you may want to pick-up your items. In this case just select the 'I will Pick-up' Shipping Method delivery option and you will not be charged for postage. Some items are local pick up only anyway and therefore no postage will be charged for these items on Check-out. Also the words 'Pick-up Only' will be displayed in the description of the product. If however you want these items sent, please indicate this in the 'Instructions to Merchant' section when you are paying for the item once in the secure PayPal site. We will then send you an E-mail invoice for the balance of postage which will include an appropriate additional charge for packing.

New Zealand
We have had numerous enquiries for postage to New Zealand so have now set up a postage service for you. The only service we offer to keep it simple is by Air-Mail.

World Wide
We can now post articles world wide using an on-line postal portal. If you are an international buyer, please contact us first to see if we can arrange to have what you want shipped overseas to your country and the cost involved. If you purchase first, then contact us for postage costs and then decide the postage is to expensive we will refund you, less 1% to cover Paypals recredit fees policy.

If for some reason the postage works out to cost us more than you have been charged then we will send you a Paypal invoice for the balance of postage if it exceeds by a fair margin. This should be a rare occurence but one day a certain combination of items may not conform to Australia Posts packaging & therefore will fall outside of the shopping cart calculations. We do apologise if this situation occurs. We will give you a choice to back out of the sale if you wish under these circumstances.