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We like E-Bay, who doesn't. What we don't like is putting up our prices to cover their outrageous commissions. We put up the prices by approx 9% when we list on E-Bay and so does every other seller.
You can buy the same product from us here and save at least 9% on the purchase price compared to E-Bay or buy the item if listed on E-Bay. You get the same service, same item, less choices with postage and slightly less return choices on E-Bay. Please read our Returns policy for full explanation.
We still look after you if things should go wrong, we can't afford not to. We have always had a reputation for customer service and assure you that trading with us outside of E-Bay has the same level of safety and assurance. We simply can't put it any better.
So if you have come to
Kenny's Holden Spares from an item we listed on E-Bay, why not stop and buy it from our shop instead and save yourself a few dollars in the process.
Of course you don't have to, no hard sell here, we are appreciative of your business no matter where it comes from.
Mike & Cheryl